The restoration of «La sala delle nozze di Alessandro Magno e Roxane»

The hall was named this way due to the main fresco, originally it was the bedroom of Agostino Chigi. In 1519 it was frescoed by Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, known as Sodoma who made a cycle of works dedicated to the marriage of Alexander the Great and Roxane, comparing them to those of Alessandro Chigi and Francesca Ordeaschi.

The scene represents Roxane waiting for her husband on the edge of a canopy bed, while Alexander hands out the crown; the entire scene is swarmed by cupids. In 2019 the room will host Leonardo’s works on the occasion of the 500th anniversary his death.

Double Consulting has undertaken to support an important restoration project of the frescoes in the Wedding Hall, that is expected to be completed by the end of 2020. This will enable us to give new life to the masterpieces created by Sodoma and to rediscover his art, inspired by two other great painters of that period: Raphael and Leonardo.